Input vs Output

Over the past 16 years of my working life, there is always an “insecure force” push me to learn all sorts of technical knowledge dilligently, it always tells me “You are neither talented nor fast-learner like others, you better learn as much as you can so that you are not left behind!

Thus, I worked hard to fulfil most users’ request, and upgrade my knowledge and skills by solving users’ problems. If there are some days when no user contacts me, I can’t just relax and wait for one to come; instead, I will explore something new to expand my expertise.

Recently, some incidents happen to “remind” me of my poor in delivering messages; my writing skill is getting worse. One day, a message came into my mind, “Let’s spend more time document your efforts this year

I decided to start writing my working experience in my safe castle. I wish to express my thoughts in a systematic way where everyone will get my meaning when they read my articles.

It’s kind of journal recording, SAY WHAT YOU DO!!

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